Saturday, September 3, 2011


Doing a social marketing and social mobilization project as a team has its ups and downs.

Advantages include a network that is at least four times the size of my own, which is vital to the success of the project, especially since it relies on numbers (viewership, interest, etc.) for its success indicators. Aside from this, more people means more heads and less tasks than having to go solo although this advantage takes me to the other side of the coin . . .

There is a tendency for brainstorming to remain unfocused, especially when discussions are 99 percent of the time made online. E-groups, while useful, cannot suffice for face-to-face meetings. Video conference (Skype, YM or Facebook Chat) may be a good option but apparently, nothing in real-time complements the schedule of team members who are balancing the demands of work, home and school since all of us in the team have child(ren). We rely on mobile phone calls and short messaging service for real-time / urgent correspondences.

Nonetheless, I am extremely pleased to know that our group is blessed with talents and connections. We have a graphic artist, a couple of writers and editors, and a team with the gift of gab to promote, promote, promote!

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