Saturday, June 25, 2011

Virtual Beginnings

The science and art of "selling" social ideas are very exciting concepts to learn for DevCom students. And putting them into practice is undeniably a challenging yet, surely fulfilling experience.

Such things await those taking up DEVC 208 or Social Marketing and Social Mobilization for Development at the UP Open University this semester. The climax of this course is the group term project where we are to explore the potential of ICTs for Social Marketing Program.

Anyone can post threads in the course discussion forums at the student Moodle

Believing that groups bound by interest are most likely to become more productive than those who don't--I hope it's true, I posted an announcement at the DEVC208 Kapehan. Guess what? I have classmates who are not only interested on gender-related topics; they are even well-experienced on the field. It didn't take long to complete a group of five. We're four females and a male namely, by order of confirmation, Grace Cortes,  City Information Officer II who had several gender projects in the City of San Juan; Dennis Mendoza, a Presidential Staff Officer of the National Youth Commission; Mauritius-based Aileen Familara who have been working on gender issues as a staff of a feminist organization since 2002; Mia Baquiran, a Community Affairs Officer in the Province of Cagayan; and of course, me, a development worker, feminist blogger and proud solo parent.

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